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Personal Statement for Fellowship in Plastic Surgery

The Importance of Your Personal Statement for Fellowship in Plastic Surgery Applications

Applying to medical fellowships requires you to submit a large amount of information and written documents such as your fellowship personal statement. Your fellowship in plastic surgery is no exception and your personal statement for these fellowship programs will need to make you stand out from all of the other applicants if you are going to win a place. This means that you personal statement for plastic surgery fellowship application will need to be written in a way that will grab the reader’s attention as well as being totally free of any writing issues that will make the reader think that you just rushed the statement out and don’t really care.


Tips and Ideas for Writing the Best Fellowship Personal Statement

The fellowship plastic surgery personal statement is an important part of your documentation that you have to submit. It will most likely form the basis of the decision whether or not to invite you for an interview. To improve your chances of selection you should keep in mind the following tips to improve your personal statement for fellowship:

  1. What do you see as your long-term and short-term aims in life? – Explain what you want to do right after having graduated, where do you envision yourself in five or even ten years from then and what is your ulterior aim?
  2. What made you envision these aims? – Where and when did theses aims come to be and what experience made you develop them? Please elaborate! The committee will be searching for clues as to what motivates you and why you are interested in your field?
  3. Where did you start off? – When have you started to be active towards your aims? Have you done any volunteer work or community activities to start developing?
  4. How will this fellowship enhance your aims? – With which skills and knowledge will this fellowship empowers you to fulfill your destination?

Our Sample Personal Statement for Your Fellowship in Plastic Surgery

Looking at example personal statements is often the best way to understand how you should go about writing your own application for a fellowship degree:

“During my tour of duty in Iraq, before I started my medical studies, I was working in the field hospital that was set-up as a first treatment center. We received the wounded Americans and Iraqis for primary treatment. It was a normal occurrence to treat the injured that had shot wounds originating from a clash with the enemy. Most of these patients could be helped to lead a normal future life, even if it included amputation in severe cases.

The most shocking were those patients with bullet wounds to the face, exposing their jaws or skull. When it came to severe wounds to the face, it was always a devastating experience being aware that treatment to restore a face 100 % is nearly impossible.

Of all the cases that were bad, land mine and bomb disfigurement left all the staff bereft for quite some time. We could not imagine what physical torment the patients endured and what pains were involved.

Discussing these issues with our doctors, I was informed that the mental trauma that these injuries entailed was by far worse than the fact of losing your face. That the public would never accept such a disfigured person for what his character values are but often rejected people for their “face value.”

After having pondered this topic for the next year until I was released back into civilian life, I vowed to help these disadvantaged people by attending to the best plastic surgery fellowship available and to restore their faces!”

How Will We Compose Your Medical Personal Statement for a Fellowship in Plastic Surgery?

If you are struggling with your own breast surgery fellowship personal statement then we can help you. You will be contacted by one of our very talented and knowledgeable writers that will have insight into the admission procedure. They will collect all data from you and create your personal statement from scratch. This will contain all the required information to heighten your chances with the board.

What Other Related Writing Services Do We Offer Concerning Admission Applications for Fellowship?

Our services are not limited to personal statements for plastic surgery fellowship but also include review, proofreading, and editing services for your resume or personal statement. With our fellowship personal statement consultant, you can employ a one–stop writing service that satisfies your every need. Our money back guarantee comes along with this offer.

Please contact our 24/7 online service today for an excellent plastic surgery fellowship writing experience!