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Anesthesiology Fellowship Personal Statement

Writing the winning anesthesiology medical residency and fellowship personal statement demands elite expertise of highly experienced professional writers because the aim of writing the anesthesiology is not ordinary. Writing the winning anesthesiology personal statement simply means, you have to portray yourself in front of the application review committee so beautifully that they will stick to your personal statement and read it till the end. Once they will read your complete personal statement, they will definitely consider you in the shortlisted candidates unless you have not made a serious mistake.

To avoid any mistake while writing the anesthesiologist personal statement, the best way is taking help with your fellowship application of an online well-reputed writing service that could prepare not only an ideal personal statement for you but other documents as well that are necessary to complete while submitting the application for anesthesiology fellowship program.

writing anesthesiology fellowship personal statementBefore taking an overview of these services, it is obligatory to know the brief detail of some important medical terms. Let’s have a look:


ICU or Intensive Care Unit is a department in every healthcare unit or hospital in which those patients are treated that are suffering from life-threatening condition either due to severe injury by an accident or having chronic diseases. Such patients are kept in intensive care under the supervision of highly skilled doctors and nurses.


ITU or Intensive Therapy Unit is the other name of ICU (Intensive care Unit). In some hospitals, the ICU is also called ITU. So, ICU and ITU are synonym terms.


CCU usually stands for Coronary care Unit that deals with the patients suffering from cardiac emergencies such as heart attacks, cardiac dysrhythmia, unstable angina and various other cardiac conditions that need continuous observation.


General Requirements and Detailed List of Documents Needed for Anesthesia Fellowship Application

In the United States, there are two ways to apply for Critical Care Medicine (CCM) fellowship program. One way is applying through anesthesiology CCM Program and other is applying through ERAS program. Following are ERAS fellowship requirements that are required for anesthesia fellowships for international medical graduates:

  • Online submission of CAS application
  • Three letters of recommendations: one letter from the program director, others from objective physicians and third from a person who has direct personal knowledge of your ethics and skills
  • Personal statement
  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Color photo (jpg or png – high resolution)
  • ECFMG certificate and visa information
  • Copy of medical school diploma
  • Copy of the dean’s letter

anesthesia fellowship personal statement sampleTips on How to Structure the Ideal Anesthesiologist Personal Statement

Following are the tips to structure the ideal anesthesiologist personal statement for best regional anesthesia fellowships:

  • First of all, you should make the outline of your anesthesiology personal statement that should comprise four paragraphs
  • The first paragraph should be comprised of the solid reason behind choosing the medical career. You should mention your devotion to a medical career in the first paragraph
  • In the second paragraph, you must declare the reason of selecting anesthesiology as a specialization of your medical career
  • In the third paragraph, you should briefly express your academic background as well as achievements. There is no need of giving the historical background of the family. Here you have to prove that you are the ideal candidate for the anesthesiology fellowship program and you really deserve the post due to your capabilities. To do this, you can highlight the additional qualification or certification that could really impress the readers
  • In the fourth and last paragraph, you should admire the repute of anesthesiology department of that particular institute in which you are going to apply for the fellowship program

Specialties in Anesthesiology

For those, who are looking for medical program admission in anesthesiology in their desired medical institute, have to choose anyone specialty among following mentioned anesthesiology fellowship options:

Pediatric Anesthesiology

Pediatric anesthesiology is the branch of anesthesiology that deals with the children who are suffering from such illness in which surgery becomes compulsory. To become a pediatric anesthesiologist, it is necessary to get admission in pediatric anesthesiology fellowship program comprising at least a year.

Anesthesia Pain

The anesthesia pain is basically that type of pain which cannot be cured by oral or IV medication. The person, who is feeling severe pain due to any such cause that cannot be remedied without a surgical procedure, then we can say that the patient has anesthesia pain.

Cardiothoracic Anesthesiology

Cardiothoracic anesthesiology is that type of anesthesiology through which patients experiencing cardiothoracic surgery are treated. Lungs surgery, open heart surgery and any other surgical operations that lie under the category of chest surgery are treated through cardiothoracic anesthesiology.

Thoracic Anesthesia

Thoracic anesthesia is the type of anesthesia that deals with patients of lungs diseases. Thoracic anesthesia is used for one-lung ventilation (OLV) or other types of lungs operations.

Ambulatory Anesthesia

Ambulatory anesthesia is advised for those patients that have mild pain and not treated as serious or critical patients that need overnight stay in the hospital.

Cardiac Anesthesiology

Being used for heart cardiac patients, cardiac anesthesiology is considered as the most sophisticated branch of anesthesiology. That’s why writing the interventional cardiology fellowship personal statement needs much care than writing the personal statement for other anesthesiology procedures.

Critical Care Anesthesiology

Critical care anesthesiology deals with the patients that need emergency anesthesiology treatment and intensive care. Normally, accidental cases need critical care anesthesiology.

Anesthesia Administration

Anesthesia administration deals with an overall and general overview of all anesthesia procedures. Basically, anesthesia is a key requirement during surgery for unconsciousness of patients, but in different types of diseases, different amount of anesthesia is required and it all falls under anesthesia administration.

List of Top Anesthesiology Fellowship Programs

  • Johns Hopkins Pediatric Anesthesiology Fellowship

Johns Hopkins offers a one-year fellowship program, which is approved by ACMG. Students who want to join a hospital or want to practice in a clinic can take advantage of this. This one-year fellowship is a combination of teaching, research and clinical practice.

  • University of Rochester Cardiac Anesthesiology Fellowship

Department of Anesthesiology and Perioperative medicine, of the University of Rochester, offers two types of fellowships. Applicants have the choice to select a one-year fellowship, which is clinically oriented or a two years fellowship pro, which includes education and research experience as well.

  • Cleveland Clinic Cardiothoracic Anesthesiology Fellowship

Cardiothoracic anesthesiology is a challenging career. Cleveland Clinic offers this fellowship, which is one-year long. The clinic offers different areas of specialty as well, like valve repair, complex Aortic surgery, complicated Redo cardiac surgeries etc.

  • University of Washington Cardiothoracic Anesthesiology Fellowship

The University of Washington offers a one-year fellowship in cardiothoracic anesthesiology. The fellowship got accredited from ACMG in 2008. The fellow students got extensive training and clinical experience in surgery. The admission in the University of Washington starts in August, usually.

  • Northwestern Anesthesiology Critical Care Fellowship

Critical care fellowship in Northwestern school of medicine is also accredited from ACME. An application is accepted two years before the actual start of the fellowship. The duration of the fellowship is 12 months. The fellowship includes the care of different patients like surgical critical care patients, spinal cord injury patient, cardiac patients, brain injury patients, etc.

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anesthesia fellowships for international medical graduates help

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