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Interventional Pulmonology Fellowship Personal Statement

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After many years of hard work and studies, you have finally reached the point where you are a graduate and now need a pulmonology fellowship or interventional pulmonology fellowship to further your knowledge accordingly. Applying for such medical fellowships is far from easy and you could face failing to get a place due to not having been aware of all the requirements or not being a talented writer. We wish to support you toward this end with our most competent and talented writers to achieve your goals.

We Provide the Best Writer to Create Your Personal Statement for a Pulmonology Fellowship

After having placed your order, you will be contacted by our experienced writer who is a qualified and knowledgeable expert. He will collect all relevant data from you before setting out to create your fellowship personal statement for an interventional pulmonology fellowship, ophthalmology fellowship personal statement or any other program you need. It will capture the reader from the beginning until the end while being written error-free. Explaining why you chose this area of specialty and what your goals are after the pulmonology fellowship has been completed is included. What goals you want to reach within five and ten years and what your life’s goals are in medicine. This will greatly increase your chances of receiving an invitation for an interview with the admission committee.

Tips for Writing the Best Personal Statement for Interventional Pulmonology Fellowship

Your pulmonology fellowship application requires a well written personal statement in which the content, as well as the presentation of it, are of equal importance. Below points are relevant when considering how to present the content in an advisable manner:

  • Phrase clear and concise – use simple words to phrase your text to the point. Do not use too many adverbs and adjectives.
  • Quotes and clichés are to be avoided – use only your own words
  • Think of a theme – This will help give it structure and word flow
  • Read and then proofread – No first draft is ever acceptable. Spelling errors as well as grammatical ones will have crept in and need to be corrected to increase your chances

Do not forget that the content and the presentation are of equal importance. A first draft is never the final version, and five or six more versions might be necessary.

Our Sample Interventional Pulmonology Fellowship Personal Statement

The following example fellowship acceptance letter is to help you understand how your statement should be written and to provide you with inspiration for your own writing:

“Living in the forest that grows on the mountains of Colorado serves the purpose of living a laid-back and tranquil lifestyle. This solitude was abruptly interrupted when my little sister developed asthma and was lying on the ground writhing for air while coughing her little lungs out. There was no doctor around for many hours and we had to use a dish of steaming water for her to inhale the vapors mixed with menthol. When asthma reduced its symptoms we drove directly to the next doctor who was able to offer medicine and an inhaler for immediate use but referred us to a pulmonologist for further treatment.At the doctors clinic in Denver I received my first insight into lung related medical topics and I was surprised how it interested me. The same day I convinced my mother to buy some books on the topic so we could be better prepared to help my sister. I read all 3 books front to back within 3 days and was surprised that I felt I still needed to know much more.

That summer I spent my vacation with my aunt in Denver and became a common appearance in the library and in the clinic. I was able to discuss my knowledge and gain valuable insights from the nurses and the pulmonologist that often found me for a coffee when he had a few minutes to spare. He planted the idea that it would be good if I became a pulmonologist too.”

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