ERAS Fellowship Application Key Facts

What do you need to know about the ERAS fellowship application? If you’re looking to become a top medical practitioner and pursue your passion of helping patients and their families, then the ERAS application is one of the most major things you will have to know in order to ensure of the best education as possible that you could get. See the following.
ERAS Fellowship Application

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ERAS Fellowship Application Key Facts

  • June 9 opens for applications. It is also when the EFDO starts generating and distributing tokens. Applicants can sign up for an account. MyERAS is used for identifying requirements, including Letter of recommendation as well as they start looking for letter writers.
  • July 15: Applicants can start applying for programs of the July cycle application programs. It is also when the ERAS post office opens to receive applications.
  • December 1: Applicants can begin applying for December application cycle programs. This is also when the ERAS post office opens to receive the applications for the cycle. December is also the month for TBA and when the match results from July cycle applications are released.

ERAS Components

  • MyERAS where you can complete your application for the fellowship
  • DWS is the software management used by the DDO or designated dean’s office
  • PDWS is the tool used by the program in sorting and ranking received applications.
  • LoRP is the tool used to upload the letters straight to the ERAS

What Are the Components of MyERAS Application?

  • MyERAS application
  • personal statement
  • photograph
  • exam transcripts, including COMLEX or USMLE
  • medical school transcript of records
  • MSPE or medical student personal evaluation
  • letters of recommendation

Feel free to check this fellowship application sample when in doubt on what to write.

Applicants based on the most popular specialty 2016

  • Cardiovascular disease, 603
  • Gastroenterology, 454
  • Pulmonary disease and critical care, 439
  • Hematology and oncology, 394

Remember these facts and become guided with your ERAS application as well as the requirements needs. Prepare earlier and improve your chances to winning an application. If you’re getting ready for the cardiology fellowship application check out 10 top rated cardiology personal statement programs you can choose from.

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