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Neurology Fellowship Personal Statement

What Is Your Neurology Fellowship Personal Statement?

For admittance to the neurology fellowship or the subcategory of pediatric neurology fellowship, you need to submit your documentation including a fellowship personal statement. This statement will have to be of the highest standard and address the admission committee telling them about you. They want to hear in your words what personal background you originate from, what motivates you to apply for this medicine fellowship and what your aspirations are for the future.


How We Will Take Care of Your Needs When You Apply for a Neurology Fellowship

To gain admittance to the fellowship in neurology or to a pediatric neurology fellowship you will need to provide the complete application attachments required. This will include a fellowship application letter that will have to be outstanding to position you at the top of all the competitors’ applications. To achieve that you will have to create a personal statement of the highest standard possible that will take note of all the rules and requirements. Let us handle the writing part through our excellent writers that are aware of every nuance required by the clinical facility you are applying to.

They will create a compelling personal statement for your neurology fellowship application, dental fellowship personal statement or any other program. This will enhance your chances with the board for securing the targeted invitation for an interview.

How We Write Statements for Fellowship in Neurology

Our writer will contact you to gather all information pertaining to the task at hand before composing your personal statement, be it for a neurology fellowship or a pediatric neurology fellowship. Our experts will provide you with a well written and unique personal statement that is going to increase your chances of success.

Tips and Ideas When Writing Your Own Personal Statement for Fellowship in Neurology

The following tips will help you with writing your successful personal statement:

  • Describe your short-term and long-term goals in life – what are your aims after having finished the fellowship? Where do you see yourself after another five and ten years? What is your life’s professional goal? Display that you are aware of the difficulties and responsibilities these goals entail.
  • Where have these goals originated from? – What made you define your aims in life? When did it start to become a goal? What are you going to undertake to reach these goals?
  • Why have you chosen this medical discipline? – Why not some other field of expertise?
  • What have you already done to work towards your goals? – Have you worked with government facilities during your college time? What volunteer work have you done? Any community activities you partook in worth mentioning?

Our Sample Neurology Fellowship Personal Statement

The following personal statement example for your neurology application will provide you with some ideas regarding exactly how your own personal statement needs to be written:

“My father was a neurologist that loved Africa and its people, he combined his work with his passion when he applied at a clinic in Nairobi and was accepted. My parents having been divorced for many years already, I decided to go along with my father. African clinics, not being as strict concerning rules governing visitation hours and visitors in general, I spent many hours at the clinic.

I saw and learned things that children at the age of 13 do not normally see, including bad cases of degenerated nervous systems with patients left without hope of recovery. My father and I had many educational discussions during the next years which gave me a deeper knowledge about the diseases ad sicknesses that his patients suffered from. He started lecturing me on medical terms and taught me the human body with all its parts and functions. At the age of 16 I knew more about medicine than any other boy back home and was ready to return to the States for my further medical education in college.

During my studies I very often worked at a clinic for the poor and was able to enlarge my capabilities considerably. In connection to that work that I also volunteered with the hospital staff during vaccination and examination in schools. Being able to ensure that the children are healthy was a very satisfying experience.

Growing up between many children in Nairobi endeared me to the pediatric part of neurology as my targeted future specialty.“

We are available 24/7 online for your requirements, place your order with us today and receive the very best neurology fellowship personal statement for your successful application!