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Every fellowship letter of intent we produce is created by highly competent medical experts in strict accordance with the ERAS® application system requirements and EFDO standards to improve your admission chances additionally.

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Feel free to claim a refund option if the text received looks unsatisfactorily, even after multiple edits, or if your plans were changed. We always target the highest quality, so your funds will be returned if the result doesn't satisfy you.

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Need an ideally polished fellowship letter of intent? Use our service and have Lindsey work on your order. Addiction, community, administrative, and other subspecialties of psychiatry are what Lindsey Timms has a talent for. Just add details about a necessary admission document and let Lindsey win your respect and admiration.


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Fellowship Letter of Intent – A Plain Document That Decides a Lot

Reaching a place in a dream fellowship program is a number one target for lots of students. Hundreds of individuals want to improve their skills, gain knowledge, conduct research, learn to work in a team, and bring something new to the subject or field. However, this is not easy because the number of places is limited, and the selection committee wants to get only the best of the best.

There are many tricks that officials and future residents use. But perhaps, creating accompanying documents like a fellowship letter of intent is still the most common and effective selection method.

The meaning “to declare intent” is too general to decipher this document concept. This is a formal writing piece expressing an interest in joining the program, the availability of needed skills and experience, and applicants’ desire to showcase themselves to make the admission board choose them.

Is Letter of Intent Fellowship Important?

A letter of intent aims to communicate to admission officials that their program is your top choice and you’ll give them a first position in the ROL – Rank Order List. Although there’re many opinions on affecting a letter of intent into consideration, plenty of programs still consider a candidate’s ROL while deciding their acceptance.

While a fellowship letter of intent cannot overlap a weak application or fail the interview, sometimes it can motivate the officials to re-review your documents, take another chance, or choose you over another candidate with a similar residency ranking.

Creating a letter of intent fellowship isn’t mandatory. However, it can increase your chances of enrollment, proving you’ve done all possible to show interest in the program. That’s why numerous admission advisors recommend taking some time to prepare such a document.

What Letter of Intent for Fellowship Consists Of?

As was mentioned before, a fellowship letter of inten is formal writing and should have a specific format. It’s not mandatory but a practical method to make your writing easy to read and structurize well. Each part aims to contain detailed information, helping you avoid repeatability while being transparent and consistent.


The greeting sets the letter of intent for fellowship tone. No need to be too emotional at this part. But it makes sense to stay professional and confident, which gives you more chances of success.


It should be simple and consists of one or two sentences as the author mentions the name, experience, and reason why you write this text. When writing the introduction, consider describing why you are interested in such a fellowship program and what made you choose it. A brief and catchy introduction to the fellowship letter of intent is vital to success as it grabs readers’ attention, making them read the whole text. Consider mentioning all the necessary information, as providing a detailed self-description of the body part will be easier.

Body Part

A considerable part of the text body describes personal skills and experience related to the program. The fellowship letter of intent becomes more valuable when there’s an experience of conducted research or topic analysis. The admission board will likely choose someone with experience over one without it. Remember that the fellowship program gives more opportunities for further research, and it’s good to mention how new opportunities could be used to achieve impressive results.

If you have research in progress, but can’t continue it due to a lack of resources, consider mentioning it. Fellows who join the program earn valuable experience under the mentorship of an experienced professor, conducting personal research or exploring something as a part of a more significant project.

The fellowship program boosts not only professional but personal skills, too. E.g., if you struggle to communicate with others, mention that fellowship will help you improve such skills and better cooperate with colleagues.

letter of intent for fellowship letter of intent for fellowship examples


The closing part of the fellowship letter of intent may include a call to action. After reading the writing, students can add CTA to show what they expect admission officers to do. It’s important to thank the admission board for considering the fellowship letter of intent and for the time spent reading it.

The main accent in writing should be made to the body part as you provide most of the information there. If you don’t want to miss anything, creating an outline and highlighting the significant points you want to mention in each text part makes sense.

How Long the Fellowship Letter of Intent Should Be?

The length is a vital criterion of all formal pieces, and the letter of intent fellowship is no exception. It should generally be one to two pages, which equals 400 to 800 words. It’s important to remember that the fellowship committee will likely be reviewing many applications, so your letter should be well-organized and easy to read. Consider adding only important information without unnecessary details or something that doesn’t relate to the fellowship program directly. If numerous facts are worth mentioning, choose the most valuable.

Once you finish a fellowship letter of intent, review the text to correct issues and remove unnecessary parts. Something may remain unseen for a long time, but you’ll see it after a short break. Removing unnecessary parts makes the text highly readable and engaging. Nobody wants to fail due to grammar issues in the text, so take time to double-check the text.

Get Professional Help With the Fellowship Letter of Intent

A lack of time or a vague understanding of what should be inside the letter of intent are the common reasons why students can’t write fellowship letters of intent themselves. That’s where having a professional assistant may help a lot or even change the whole situation. Our proficient experts know well what role a fellowship letter of intent plays, so they are well-versed in preparing the best ones working for you. Moreover, their expertise allows them to handle even the most complicated cases without trouble, helping clients reach their desired goals effortlessly.

So, don’t hesitate to hire professionals to get an excellent application document to strengthen your position!