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Tips for Fellowship Personal Statements

About Our Microsurgery Fellowship Personal Statement Help

Why Do You Require Help with Writing a Personal Statement?

Writing that perfect fellowship personal statement is vital if you want the committee to see you as a choice for their medicine fellowship. However actually finding the time and the skill to craft that perfect personal statement for your microsurgery fellowship is far from easy. It needs to be written in a way that is not only going to grab and keep their attention it must also be completely free of any problems at all with your writing. The fellowship committee put a huge amount of weight in your personal statement so you need to consider if you want to write your own or use our professional help with writing a personal statement.

Tips for Writing the Best Microsurgery Fellowship Personal Statement

There are several areas that your personal statement for microsurgery fellowship application will need to cover if you want to prove to the reader that you have a genuine need to attend their fellowship. Ensure that you cover all of the following with your writing:

  1. What are your goals? Short- and long-term? – What will you do within the next five and ten years after graduating and what are your superior goals? Show the reader that you understand the implications of these goals and how you want to reach them.
  2. What made you define these goals? – When did this idea germinate and for how long have you been applying yourself towards them? How do you want to reach their fulfillment? Show details. The admission committee will want to know precisely why you have an interest in the subject applied for.
  3. What steps have you undertaken towards your goals? – What have you invested towards their end in an extracurricular manner? Anyvolunteerworkorcommunityactivities? Pleaseelaborate.
  4. How will this fellowship influence you towards your aims? What skills and knowledge do you hope to gain that this fellowship can provide?

Not only must you cover all of these points you must also ensure that your writing is attention grabbing. This is best done by finding an interesting theme with which to write your statement around and ensuring that you have a good opening to hook the reader in right from the very start of your personal statement.

Our Sample Personal Statement for Microsurgery Fellowship Application

The best way for many people to learn is to actually see what others have done with their personal statements for fellowship. Our example personal statement will show you many ways in which you can put your own statement together:

“After finishing my fellowship, I would like to join a research team in microsurgery to develop new techniques and devices that will allow even better results when performing such a surgical procedure. My interest was awakened in the very first month of my medical schooling while I was doing volunteer work in the emergency room of a hospital for the financially disadvantaged. The ambulance crew brought in a victim of a motorcycle accident that had his foot nearly torn off.

After having done the necessary first aid on site and during transportation it still look horrible to me as a freshman. I was still too inexperienced to be of any help besides observing his vital signs closely. The emergency room doctor did all the needed and then passed him into intensive care.

As I found out during the next day that patient had been operated and his foot reattached to his leg in a professional manner. This experienced made me aware of the absolute wonders that microsurgery is able to perform while re-attaching all those small blood vessels.

I was absolutely amazed and started digging into the books to gain more valuable information. Being a volunteer with a good attitude record enabled me to talk to the doctors discussing the positive features of microsurgery and the capabilities of this technique. It was a completely new world opening up to me, and I decided to follow into it and to become the very best in this medical specialty to help others.”

We Offer Guaranteed Medical Fellowship Personal Statement Writing

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