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Trauma Surgery Fellowship Personal Statement

Why You Should Seek Help While Writing Personal Statement for Your Trauma Surgery Application

You are required by the admission committee to include a personal statement for fellowship in your application documentation that enables them to learn more about you. If this is a compelling written document that tells the reader who you are and what your aims are, then it can easily turn into an invitation for an interview. This way your chances of admission to the trauma surgery fellowship will be highly increased. Only an interesting and error-free personal statement can elevate your chances of success with the admission committee.

expert trauma surgery fellowship help

What Does Your Personal Statement Provide?

The personal statement for trauma surgery fellowship is almost certainly a vital part of your fellowship application package, if not the most crucial part of it. Only this part of the submission package allows you to address the admission committee directly and let them know about yourself, who you are as a person and what your specific goals are. It might not be the part of your application that decides whether you get accepted for a place, but it will nevertheless be the part that can get you the invitation for a face to face interview.

Writing personal statements serves a few purposes, including:

  • Providing information about your background and your aims in life
  • Providing an outline of who you really are, this cannot be seen in your application and transcripts
  • Highlighting your special strength, quality, and characteristics
  • Showing that you are knowledgeable about the area applying to and are a perfect match
  • Showing your special commitment to the field

Some special tips concerning your geriatric medicine fellowship personal statement and trauma surgery fellowship application are that you need to write captivating and interesting but withhold any information that you do not want to discuss openly. Your personal statement will become the main factor in deciding whether you will be interviewed or not.

Our Example Trauma Surgery Personal Statement

“I used to be a fervent admirer of the crews in “General Hospital” and “Emergency Room” as a child. I always admired the good that these emergency doctors were able to do for their patients. I wanted to be just like them starting when I was about 15 years old. Since then I have progressed well and am now also aware that what was shown on TV was a romanticized version of real life in a hospital. Nevertheless, my resolve still stands, and I am more than ever ready to make my dreams come true and to reach all the goals I set.

While studying, I was able to work in the hospital morgue and gleaned valuable knowledge from the corpses that I was allowed to work with. Performing an autopsy or writing a report after assisting on one has proven valuable.

On completion of my trauma surgery fellowship, I aim to work in an emergency room environment including being part of an emergency rescue team at times. I want to apply all my knowledge for the good of victims that have experienced bodily harm or are in shock due to outer influences. I hope to be able to go to Africa after another five years to gain learn more about working in an environment that will engage all my wisdom and provide me with further insights. On returning home to my community, I would then love to settle in our local hospital and work for the good of the citizens.”

Guaranteed Help with Your Trauma Fellowship Applications

We will provide a writer for you that possesses the required skills and experience in writing personal statements that will catch the committees’ eye and will be edited and proofread by the best to ensure the highest standard possible. We offer the following:

  • Quick turnaround and on-time delivery
  • Uniquely tailored writing that is tested for plagiarism
  • To eliminate errors, free professional proofreading
  • Affordable and confidential support
  • Complete satisfaction guarantee

Our fellowship personal statement services are available for you 24/7 to render any help to you that we are capable of, including writing, editing and proofreading within your timeframe.

Should you feel compelled to increase your chances when submitting your personal statement for trauma surgery fellowship, please feel free to contact us online!