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Tips for Fellowship Personal Statements

Nurse Midwife Fellowship Program Writing

Applying to a nurse fellowship program will help applicants get the career that they are dreaming for. There are many helps that the program can give to applicants when they become a part of it. In applying to a program, make sure to can meet all the application requirements.

CCU Fellowship Programs: Certified Nurse Midwife Fellowship

Fresh graduate nurse and midwives are seeking for a bridge between their clinical practice and education. With that, the nurse-midwife fellowship program of CCU fellowship personal statement helps nurses and midwives address all these needs.

List of Nurse-Midwifery Fellowship Programs

  • University of Utah: The University of Utah nurse midwife fellowship program educates certified nurse midwives who meet the healthcare needs of ethnically and geographically diverse populations. It is one of the American colleges offering a program for primary health care to people across a lifespan, which include gynecologic, family planning and adolescent services. In addition, the program includes numerous modalities, which include hybrid classes and traditional on-campus classes.
  • University of Vanderbilt: The certified nurse midwife fellowship Vanderbilt program integrates a nursing theory foundation, evidence-based practice and research with a coursework in developing skills in illness and disease management, advanced health assessment, pharmacology, and pathophysiology and health promotion. Applicants will learn about the family-centered approach emphasizing health maintenance and health promotion.
  • University of Colorado: The nurse-midwives program prepares applicants to give competent, satisfying and safe care to women during their childbearing years. It includes attendance at birth, family planning, prenatal care, diagnosis and treatment of health problems, menopausal and peri care as well as normal newborn care.
  • University of Florida: The nurse-midwife applicants are trained and educated to give a wide range of healthcare services for newborns and women. Some of the nurse-midwife functions include managing therapy, doing a physical exam, taking medical history as well as ordering laboratory procedures and tests.

Application Process for the Fellowship: How to Become a Nurse

  • Register online and complete the application form.
  • Applicants should address all application sections, assemble their completed application, submit the current CV and 2 support letters.
  • Settle a non-refundable fee of $50.
  • ACNM fellows aside from BOG members can nominate prospective applicants. With that, a letter that cites the qualifications of the nominee should be sent to the applicants for inclusion with her or his application. No other sponsorship should be required. Applicants will send the whole package to her or his Regional Governor.
  • The Regional Governor will process the applications and sign off those complete. The R.G can add a comment about the application of applicants. After that, the Regional Governor will forward the application to the BOG chair, who will prepare applicants for the election process.
  • Every BOG member will make a selection on attached ballots and return it to the BOG chair. The election is based on application contents and ballots will be independently cast.
  • BOG chair issues an invitation letter for applicants who have been elected.
  • A written acceptance should be returned by the said deadline with a 150 to 200-word biography as well as a portrait photograph for purposes of publicity. An induction fee of $125 is settled to FACNM or ACNM.
  • A formal induction is required at the ACNM annual meeting that is why prospective applicants should attend it if they are elected. Fellowship certification is presented at the induction time.
  • Following the induction, applicants can use FACNM after their names.

Nursing Job: Tips on Writing the Personal Statement


  • Be organized: Before you begin writing your personal statement, use bullet points to all things you want to include in your essay and order them based on importance. Check for example personal statement plastic surgery.
  • Show passion and you understand the role: In applying to the fellowship program, make sure that you show that you completely know the role of being a nurse-midwifery. You can write stories like 24-hour shifts or care.
  • Begin writing early: Be sure to give yourself enough time to read, read, edit as well as proofread. Writing a one of a kind personal statement needs time that is why getting started ahead of time is important.
  • Use Word document: It is better to type your personal statement using the Word document before you copy and paste it into the application system.
  • Explain your choice: Write about what inspires you to be a nurse-midwifery. Why did you choose it?
  • Qualities: To get the attention of the admission committee, you need to write about your best qualities. You can also write about what values you have to be a good nurse or midwifery.
  • Demonstrate awareness: You need to demonstrate your awareness about the course.
  • Show experiences and insight: you do not just to tell, but you need to show. The admission committee wants to know about your experiences that is why show them what you have got in the past years by giving evidence or samples.
  • Proofread: Correct grammar and spelling are always vital. You can get help from teachers and parents to proofread your essay or you can use an online spell-grammar checker.

nurse midwifery fellowship

  • Do not just list what you’ve done.
  • Do not use clichés.
  • Do not say that you want to be a nurse midwife because you watched a TV program about it.
  • Do not use quotes from persons you admire.
  • Do not just list about your interests because you need to demonstrate them.
  • Do not use text or slang language. Make your personal statement clear and simple.
  • Do not ask too many pieces of advice from people you know. Input from teachers is parents are helpful.

Help of an Expert Online Service

By the time you get help from an online service in writing a personal statement, there are many things that you can get such as,

  • Compelling personal statement.
  • Personal statement that persuades.
  • A worthy personal statement that shows professionalism.
  • Great personal statements that showcase your best features.
  • Personal statement with positive narration style.
  • A personal statement that conveys your knowledge and skills.

Whenever you need the best nurse midwifery fellowship essay, you can ask for online help. Finally, if you want to become part of a fellowship program, start applying and begin completing all required documents.

Be ready for the nurse fellowship program! Improve your chances with a great personal statement today!

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