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About Global Health Fellowship Personal Statement

With Our Service You Are Guaranteed a High Quality Personal Statement

Applying for a global health fellowship shows your desire to work in a new and developing medical specialty. Being selected for a global health fellowship, or subspecialty such as a pediatric global health fellowship, qualifies you for a career in research or practice which has a unique focus on medical care. A global health fellowship may be related to some other topic than medicine such as economics, ethics, politics, demographics or international law. It is crucial that your personal statement reflects your skills and ambitions as they apply to the fellowship in question. Many people choose our help to ensure they have a high quality, original and customized personal statement as a basis for their application to a global health fellowship.

global health fellowship writing assistance

How Will Our Writing Tips Optimize Your Global Health Fellowship Personal Statement?

Our writers are experienced in applications for fellowships in a range of topics including personal statement emergency medicine fellowshipThey are familiar with making applications and know which skill set is ideal for a certain specialty. We can provide samples to guide you if you wish to write a statement yourself. We can also provide full writing service. Our writers work with you directly to ensure your global health fellowship application is the best possible and to show you as an outstanding candidate with sufficient talents and ambition to succeed in global scale health care.

You decide on the information you want included, then we write your own original personal statement for fellowship. Things to consider:

  • Why you want this post? Whichever facet of global health you are aiming to work in will require certain skills. You must always show you are the best candidate for the specific global health fellowship. Specific research topics or for example a specialty requiring a pediatric global health fellowship, will require medical training. Other areas may be law or languages based.
  • Your career plan? You should outline this to the selectors. Tell them how you will use this fellowship in your future work.
  • A global health fellowship may require general medical training, a specific internship or other post graduate study. Our staff will write your statement to show you have the required skills for a particular position.
  • Global health fellowship programs cover a very wide range of topics in worldwide locations. Showing you are keen to work with the program staff will encourage them to interview you further.

Why Choose Us to Write Your Global Health Fellowship Statement?

All our writing staff are familiar with writing personal statements for a global health fellowship. Your assigned writer will be a fluent English speaker, educated to post graduate level, and know how to present your personal details and ambitions in an original and engaging document.

Our Sample Global Health Fellowship Personal Statement

“My family immigrated to the United States while I was still in elementary school, but I was old enough to still remember the extreme poverty that was always around you every place you went. America was strange and new but even without my father reminding me, I knew we were much better off. He encouraged me to take advantage of the opportunity provided us, and from my first year in America I focused my efforts on being accepted into medical school. In my native country, doctors are viewed with respect for both their education and the fact that somebody with that high of an education would help those without.

It was a proud day for me and my family when I was accepted into medical school. As it was my only focus for so many years I am not sure what I would have done if I hadn’t been accepted. Now I have one year of internal medicine residency left to complete. I have made the decision to apply to your Global Health fellowship program and complete a Master of Science in Global Health.

I am grateful for the many opportunities given me and it is my goal to become involved in the Global health initiative and work towards raising the standard of healthcare in third world countries. There are millions of people currently living in an environment similar to the one I came from, who will never get the opportunity I was given. Through your Global Health Fellowship program, I will learn how to use my education in the most effective way to benefit those who most need it.”

What Guarantees of Quality Do You Have?

Our procedures are in place to ensure you are satisfied with our writing service. Your first personal statement will be delivered by the deadline which you set. It is always proofread and guaranteed to be original. Our fellowship personal statement writing service then allows you to make unlimited revisions until you are happy with the content. If at any time you become unhappy with our service, we guarantee fair refund policy.

So contact us here today for help with your global health fellowship personal statement writing so that you can boost your chances of gaining that place!