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Geriatric Medicine Fellowship Personal Statement Requirements


Do You Require Personal Statement Writing Help?

With your other admission application documentation, you will also have to submit a personal statement for geriatric medicine fellowship. Everything in that statement will have to be composed in a captivating manner that will awaken interest in you as a person for the reader; this is not an undertaking to be taken lightly. It has to be able to compel the admission committee to invite you for the interview that you are targeting with the personal statement. To reach this goal you may want us for your personal statement writing.
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Tips That Make Your Geriatric Medicine Fellowship Personal Statement Stand Out

The personal statement is probably the most important feature of you whole geriatric medicine fellowship application if not even the most important one. This is the only chance you have to explain and show to the admissions committee who you are and what your future aspirations represent. This integral part of your admission documentation will ensure that you will be chosen for a personal interview. It might even help to decide whether you are admitted to the fellowship or not.

The fellowship personal statement help in various purposes including:

  • To enlighten the reader about your personal background
  • To complete the picture that your other application papers could not effectively provide
  • To let your personal strength, quality and character stand out
  • To enable you to show what you have gathered in the field of application and why you are a perfect match
  • To show your absolute commitment to the field of expertise

The most important tip on how to apply for a fellowship that you should always remember is that your personal statement has to be captivating and interesting for the reader. It may be the major factor that will get you invited for a personal interview. Do not include any information within your personal statement that you do not want to discuss in an interview situation.

Our Geriatric Medicine Fellowship Personal Statement Sample

“After having finalized my fellowship, I intend to work in my hometown in Florida helping the host of elderly experience a rich and fulfilled life without the obvious hardship that many endure due to lack of medical care. I want to become a trusted friend in my community for all the elderly patient that will enable them to reduce their sufferings that age bears.

I come from a town in Florida that is overrun by elderly folks seeking refuge in the warm climate that cannot be encountered up north. Most of the younger people flee the town once they reach college level for their studies but never return. Jobs are limited for everybody that does work in a field that includes any service for the aged citizens.

I grew up in between these “old folks” and started running errands for them by doing their shopping or paying the bills for them. I do mean that they supplied the finances for that too. Very early I noticed that their medical needs differ from us younger people, that they have deficiencies unknown to me and that they take longer to recuperate. This troubled me quite a lot then and led me to learn more about it.

In due time, I found out more about geriatric medicine and centered my learning on that specialty. While studying, I worked in a hospital for the poor that was located close to my college, and there I learned the basics and already collected valuable background knowledge.”

Compose the Very Best Geriatric Medical Fellowship Personal Statement That You Are Capable Of

We also offer resume writing services to complement your admission application for geriatric medicine fellowship, or writing an excellent nurse practitioner fellowship personal statement or any other. The resume is an integral part of your complete submission documentation, and it offers you the chance to improve your presentation of past experiences and your skill set. We are able to reformat and edit your resume and thereby increase your chances of admission.

Should you desire our personal statement writing services, please contact us online today to ensure that your submission application will be absolutely outstanding!