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How to Write an Orthopaedic Fellowship Personal Statement

Orthopaedic fellowship program or MIGS fellowships personal statement can help students to get their needed training and skills in practice. The fellowship gives them the chance to get clinical experience. There are numerous schools offering the fellowship. It is better to visit their website before you start applying. For more guidance, read the following.


General Application Process Standard for Available Fellowships

  • Completed online application form
  • Test scores
  • Official transcript of record
  • Personal statement
  • CV or resume for fellowship
  • 3 letters of recommendation

Note: Some medicine career programs at the University of San Francisco orthopaedic surgery program may require applicants to submit additional materials as supporting documentation, so you need to do research by checking the website of the school is required.

How to Write the Personal Statement

  • Read the prompt: Before you start writing the University of Michigan orthopaedic surgery personal statement or any other university essay, you need to read the prompt of the school. There are instructions provided by the program and you need to follow it to write the best fellowship personal statement. Make sure also to answer the prompts given by the program.
  • Attention-grabbing opening: Start your pediatric gastroenterology fellowship personal statement with something that is attention grabbing and be sure to hold it throughout your essay. Some officials suggest telling a story, which means there should be a beginning, middle and an end. Your opening paragraph is your chance to get the attention of your readers that is why you should not bore them.
  • Final draft: Do not worry about the length of your essay in your first draft because you can edit it later. What you need to do is to write everything because it is much easier for you to edit as well as cut down excess details later.
  • Why did you choose the orthopaedic school? You need to address why did you choose the school and it is better if you provide evidence. Make sure to discuss the issue for the admission committee to know why you chose them compared to other hundred schools.
  • Show and do not tell: Do not just merely state that you are motivated or you will work hard in the fellowship program because anyone can say it. Instead, you need to give actual incidents examples supporting your assertions.
  • Avoid being too original in your approach: Writing the personal statement is not about being cute, poetic or clever. It is not a creative writing, but it is an exercise in communication that is why you need to stick with the traditional personal statement format. It is as important as the topic “how to choose fellowship”.
  • Well-known quotations: Some experts advise that applicants should avoid using well-known quotations in their first line or title. This is already a common technique, but if you still want to do it, and then be sure to do it thoughtfully and consciously.
  • Do not mention any movies, TV Shows, and others: Do not write about movies or TV shows as reasons in choosing the orthopaedic career.
  • Avoid clichés: What you need to do is to think of unique situations that distinguishes you from other applicants. You need to speak about your actual experience and not merely about your desire in choosing the program.
  • Avoid telling about the “orthopaedic”. You should avoid telling what is orthopaedic or what makes a good physician because the admission committee already knows about it.
  • Specific reasons: Whenever you have specific reasons for applying to the school, write it. You just write about the facts. You can also include unique attributes that you can give to the program and why they should be good to you.

orthopaedic fellowship personal statement steps

List of Programs

  • University of Florida: The orthopaedic surgery fellowship of the school is accredited by ACGME. The fellowship can be completed in one year for two positions in Orthopaedic oncology fellowship. Fellows participate in operative, educational and clinical activities. Applicants need to have complete orthopaedic surgery residency and pass the required exams.
  • University of California San Francisco: The University of California San Francisco orthopaedic surgery is offering a 13-month program for 2-surgery residency every year. Fellows will work and learn the needed didactic and clinical training. The goal of the fellowship is to give extensive management skills that help graduates to have a successful career in private practice and academic setting.
  • University of Washington: The goal of the pediatric orthopaedic surgery fellowship is to give advanced and comprehensive surgical as well as nonsurgical training. The program also makes sure to enrich the student’s educational experience. They make sure to contribute and enhance the delivery of excellent care to patients at both public and private institutions.
  • University of Michigan: University of Michigan orthopaedic fellowship gives state of the art and outstanding care for musculoskeletal conditions and injuries. They dedicate themselves to research, education and patient care.

If you are looking for more schools, you can check out Dupont Orthopaedic fellowship program. It is one of the best programs available for applicants.

Help of a Professional Service

If you need a fellowship orthopaedic surgery essay or physician assistant orthopaedic fellowship, you can get an online help. They make sure to deliver the best personal statement that I have written by well qualified and experienced writers.

Personal Statement Length

Different schools are requiring applicants to submit a personal statement. The most common essay length is around 4,000 characters or 500 words. This is the standard essay length, especially if it needed to be submitted to the application system.

application timeline for orthopaedic sports medicine

There you have the things you need to keep in mind in writing a personal statement. Always remember that the key of having an effective internal medicine fellowship personal statement is to start ahead of time, be personal, be unique, follow the word limit and follow the writing guidelines given by the program.

Follow this guide for success in Orthopaedic fellowship application today!