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Cosmetic Surgery Fellowship Personal Statement

How Important Is Your Medical Fellowship Personal Statement?

Many applicants underestimate the importance of writing a fellowship personal statement and don’t realize that it will often be the deciding factor with regards to their acceptance, or otherwise. Yet writing a personal statement that is capable of actually grabbing the reader’s attention and having them see you as the perfect choice for their medicine fellowship program is hard work. Not only do you have to say exactly the right thing in your statement you also have to ensure that your writing is totally spot on.


The following sections will provide you with some tips as to how your personal statement for a fellowship in cosmetic surgery or sport medicine fellowship personal statement should be written.

What Should Your Cosmetic Surgery Fellowship Personal Statement Cover?

Your medical fellowship program’s application essay needs to cover everything that the committee wants to know about you. This means that you should try to cover all of the following within the word count that you have been allowed for your writing:

  • Show exactly why it is that you want to follow a career in cosmetic surgery and why you became interested in this field of medicine.
  • Show what plans you have for your career; the committee will want to see that you have considered where your studies will take you.
  • If you have specific reasons for attending their program provide them as committee members are sympathetic towards applicants that have strong reasons for studying with them specifically.
  • Clearly demonstrate that you have the required skills and ambition to complete their program.

How Must You Write Your Cosmetic Surgery Fellowship Personal Statement?

Your style of writing is just as important as what you are writing about and if your statement is not capable of getting the reader’s attention then it will fail in its purpose. The following tips for writing will help you to achieve what you need:

  • Use an anecdote or interesting fact to hook the reader into wanting to read your statement
  • Ensure that you have a clear theme to tie your statement together and create flow
  • Use language that is easy to understand rather than trying to be overly clever with your thesaurus
  • Never use clichés or use quotations as the reader wants to know about you in your own words
  • Always carefully proofread your work thoroughly as even the slightest mistake in your writing could prove disastrous

Our Personal Statement Sample for Cosmetic Surgery Fellowship Applications

The following example personal statement will help you with writing your own for your fellowship application:

“The path I have taken to complete my medical education was established before I graduated high school. My father is part of a private practice that I will eventually join, and work with him in, along with his partners. It may appear strange that a teenager in high school embarked on a journey that will eventually take 14 years to complete and some would say it a decision that was made for me. However with almost 12 years of that completed I have no regrets and could have easily deviated from my original decision had I chosen to do so. In one more year I will have completed my Otolaryngology fellowship program. The final step will be to complete a cosmetic surgery fellowship program. There were other options to becoming a cosmetic surgeon but I felt it was important to be board certified for both credibility and because the extra training benefits the patients. I have done well through medical school, and in my residency and current Otolaryngology fellowship program. I am applying to your cosmetic surgery fellowship program with the intent of providing the best possible care to patients and the knowledge that my training could not have been better.

Although getting into the Otolaryngology fellowship program was competitive and the experience has been challenging, I am in no way considering lessening my efforts and will put 100 percent of my effort into your cosmetic surgery fellowship program if accepted. Anything less would not do justice to your program, my previous work or my father’s faith in me. Thank you for considering my application.”

We Guarantee Our Medical Fellowship Personal Statement Writing

By using our service you are guaranteed that you will be provided with a statement that is going to be error free and completely original. We also ensure that all of the services that we provide are always delivered on time.

So if you are looking for the very best professional help with your cosmetic surgery fellowship personal statement just contact us today!