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Writing a Personal Statement for Fellowship in Diabetology

Our Diabetology Fellowship Personal Statement Writing Service

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What Makes the Fellowship Personal Statement so Special Compared to the Other Application Documentation?

It is the only document that enables you to address directly the admission committee and lets you establish a connection with them through your provided story in the application for fellowship in diabetology as well as pathology fellowship personal statement. You need an interesting application statement that will captivate the reader while informing them about you. After having read your content, they must be feeling the need to meet you in person to know more about you and your goals.

Tips for Writing an Outstanding Personal Statement

The diabetology fellowship personal statement requires to display the right content, here are some tips and ideas about possible content:

  • Specify what you will do after the medicine fellowship has been completed – state your plans for the next five and ten year periods and what your final goal is for your professional life.
  • Show that you comprehend the difficulties that such goals entail and that you are dedicated towards your aims
  • What challenge or experience made you pushed you in the direction of the field of expertise that the fellowship is about?
  • Have you already worked towards your goals? Have you done community work or volunteer service?
  • How will this specific fellowship in diabetology help you with your goals? What can you gain from it?

Our Example Diabetology Personal Statement

The following personal statement sample will provide you with guidance on writing your own engaging personal statement that will be capable of getting you noticed by the committee:

During my high school days, I was already decided on taking the path of medicine as my education towards a professional career. My grandfather who had worked as a general practitioner in our small hometown was to thank for that. We spent many hours together whenever he could make himself available, and we went fishing and hiking through the nearby mountain ranges. During all this time, he was already influencing me to take up medicine just as he had nearly half a century earlier. This led to me following the path of medicine, but I was just not yet decided on what specialization to choose.My college years were filled with many hours of voluntary work in a nearby clinic, and I was appalled at the number of people that suffered under diabetes. It was evident that not all were to blame for their misfortune. This led me to research the specialty of diabetology, and I found out many facts, one of them being that research is by far not yet completed and able to deliver an easy cure to this malfunction of the human body. I started to concentrate my volunteer work on diabetology and the people suffering from diabetes.

I am aware that my knowledge of this specialty is still far from being sufficient, and I seek to improve through the fellowship. After having finished the fellowship, I aim to join research to search for the cure that must be waiting to be found by the best team.”

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