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Tips for Fellowship Personal Statements

Transplantation Fellowship Personal Statement

The transplantation fellowship is to give outstanding care as well as developing new techniques that surely improve transplantation results and train residents, fellows, and students. The fellowship in Mount Sinai or any fellowship for that matter helps students to gain the knowledge and skills they need. Learn more about it and HPB fellowship application here.

Tips on Writing the Personal Statement

Structure: Having a good structure for medical universities admissions helps you to present the details in your personal statement logically and smoothly. A good structure enhances the ability of readers to understand what you are discussing in your essay, like about transplant surgery. Learn more about the requirements by reading arthroplasty fellowship programs overview.

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There are people who can write without thinking about the structure. They can organize the details naturally and write information that is relevant to their theme.

Focus: Applicants need to have focus in writing their personal statement so that they can present their main points effectively. What you will write in your essay contributes to support your focus. Your focus should answer the question “why I should be accepted to the transplantation program…”.

On the other hand, you need to choose something that is more personal and subtle to make a positive impression. You need to write about an observation or focus that shaped you.

How to choose: Instead of thinking of things that define you, it is better if you make a list of your experiences that had an impact in your life. In choosing the experience that you will write, here are some tips:

  • Unique: You need to think of unique experiences and write it with enthusiasm, authority, and conviction.
  • Sustainable: Your essay should have flexibility and enough depth at the same time avoiding repletion.
  • Examples: In writing the personal statement, you will need to write about examples. The examples should support your claims to convince the admission committee that what you are saying is true.
  • Grammar: Your essay should be free from grammar mistakes. You need to pay attention also to your subject-verb agreement and spelling. Ensure that you do not have run-on sentences or sentence fragments. You also need to use punctuation correctly and it is better to ask someone to proofread your essay.
  • Show and do not tell: In setting scenes, you need to use sensory information. Note what the child dress colors, what the smell of the food and what the moon looks like, you need to ensure your readers is right there with you. In illustrating observations, you need to use examples as well as anecdotal. As much as possible, you need to avoid general comments.

transplantation fellowship personal statement tips

List of Programs

University of Pittsburgh: The school is offering transplantation pathology fellowship that you can apply for and they are offering one or 2-year program with the mission to train fellows in the interpretation of allograft liver, pancreas, heart, composite tissue biopsies, and kidney.

Application Process

  • Secure online application form
  • After you submit your application, there are documents you need to mail at the given address of the program. You need to mail:
  • Updated CV
  • All score sheets copies from USMLE and other examinations
  • 3 or more letters of recommendation (one should come from program director)
  • Transcript of record
  • ECFMH certificate
  • Personal statement

Mayo Clinic: The program gives students the best foundation for transplantation surgery. The transplantation surgery fellowship is accredited by the American Society of Transplant Surgeons.

Application Process

  • Applicants must apply to the online application service.
  • Applications should be completed before the said deadline.
  • Submit three letters of recommendation. Applicants are encouraged to submit one or more additional recommendation letter from programs directors or previous residency or fellowship.
  • Applicants who are considered for an appointment will be invited for a personal interview with Mayo Clinic with the selected faculty and program director.
  • Applicants should also submit some materials as supporting documentation:
  • CV
  • Personal statement of their professional goals
  • Diploma copy
  • Dean’s letter
  • Official transcript of record
  • Official test scores
  • Valid ECFMG certificate if applicant graduated from the medical institution outside the US or Canada
  • 3 original recommendation letters

transplantation fellowship programs

Northwestern University: The pediatric surgeon fellowship transplantation encompasses pediatric and adult transplantation. The fellowship is a one-year program.
Duke University: The transplant hepatology fellowship is a one-year program preparing applicants for a career in transplant and gastroenterology hepatology. The 1 year program is designed to meet the ABIM and ACGME requirements to sit for the hepatology transplant board exam. Applicants need to complete both internal medicine and gastroenterology fellowship.

UC San Diego: UC San Diego is one of the transplant hepatology fellowship programs in the nation. Applicants must complete the 3-year ACGME accredited fellowship in Gastroenterology, followed by accredited ACGME transplant hepatology fellowship.

Application Process

  • Apply through ERAS
  • Submit:
  • Common application
  • CV
  • 3 letters of recommendation
  • Personal statement
  • Transcripts
  • MSPE
  • Photograph
  • USMLE board scores

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